Wednesday 28 December 2011

Paul Freebody to run for Cairns State seat

After two years and no start of his Adventure Waters theme park situated in the Barron River flood delta, Paul Freebody is set to announce that he will be running for the State seat of Cairns in the upcoming election.

Freebody was dumped after months of internal discussions within the LNP about his business dealings after former employees and managers of his car wash business alerted the party to goings on.

Paul Freebody blames Federal MP Warren Entsch and LNP boss Barry O'Sullivan for his demise, accusing them of ''assassinated" him (Paul called it "assignation").

The Party finally removed Freebody as the Cairns candidate and terminated his party membership when it was discovered he was behind an email that compared the Prime Minister to assassinated US President JFK. Paul Freebody says it was a ''family member'' that was behind the rogue email.

Freebody has since released a recording of a meeting held with LNP Party bosses including Barry O'Sullivan, who was swearing and rude, demanding Paul provide answers about the letters of concern they were receiving from Cairns. He recorded the meeting covertly, not an offense in Queensland, in order to expose and shame the LNP.

On Freebody's website he indicates running in the State election race.

"My understanding and recognition of the large scale change that needs to take place to meet the community needs is the driving force behind my entry into state politics," Freebody says. "I believe the only way change can come about is to have a person who is committed firstly to getting the basics right, and then unleashing the sleeping giant of potential that I know exists in our city."

However on Facebook Freebody says things are improving.

''Things are good and life is getting back to normal since my assignation [sic] in the LNP by Warren and his mate in Brisbane Barry O, Sullivan,'' Paul Freebody writes.

''We are now getting ready and in full planning mode for our next adventure and will have an announcement soon.''


VickieF said...

Shouldn't that read "assassination" instead of assignation?
I wonder what it would take for him to move on as he's obviously not getting the message that he's outlived his welcome in Cairns. If he can't understand that, then the rest of the state will think that we are bloody idiots here in the FNQ to even have his name on the ballot.

Michael P Moore said...

You're right Vickie.... another classic Freebody word attempt...

"assassination" (ironically what he was referring to in that failed email a while back about Gilliad) means a whole different thing that "assignation":-

1. The act of assigning.
2. Something assigned, especially an allotment.
3. An appointment for a meeting between lovers; a tryst.

Steve Grasso said...

Surely not? I thought maybe he'd try for council. Would be a nuisance at best.

CairnsBlog moderator said...

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