Tuesday 29 November 2011

27-year-old to appear in court over child's death overnight

Cairns Police has confirmed that a 27-year-old local woman has been charged following the death of an 8-year-old girl at a Westcourt house last night.

Around 9.30pm last evening, Police attended a Mann Street home where they discovered a deceased 8-year-old child.

The 27-year-old has been charged with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm whilst armed and one count of torture.

She will appear before the Cairns Magistrates Court this afternoon.


Alison Alloway said...

This is just horrible. Poor little girl.

Chris of Manunda said...
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:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Chris of Manunda...it's time for you to take a powder and have a lie down!
I happen to be staying with a legal couple at the moment, one of them a Criminal/Family Law barrister and the wife, a lawyer, who have both shown me statistical figures concerning AVO's in this country.
Guess what Chris? "Whitey" wins, hands down, with a ratio of 12-1, if you can call that a win.
Take a look amongst your own kind before pointing sticks at other races mate. Your so called "enemy within", is none other than European or "White" settlers, who are NOT very settled at all.

nomooremike said...

""Whitey" wins, hands down, with a ratio of 12-1"

Seeing as the ratio of ATSI to "whitey" is 40-1, your figures suggest that ATSI are over three times more likely to be given an AVO.

Perhaps a little more thought, and links to official statistics, would make your figures believable.

JS from Westcourt said...

@ nomooremike

Maybe what this says is no matter what race one is, we all face the same issues. Some problems facing families of today are not limited to a particular race, another words, we are all human. To elevate one race as better than another is a aproblem on its own. Lets pray for the weak, the homeless and those who are in need, rather than finger pointing, because, no race or person is perfect. Merry Xmas,

Phil said...

This has nothing to do with race or statistics. The fact of the matter is we have now seen another tragedy in Cairns from the death of a child. Where were the department of child safety this time ???.. Which one is it INCOMPETENCE, NEGLIGENCE , LAZINESS. It's about time these Government Departments became accountable for there inept performances. Mr Reeves You are in Charge of this mess that is the department of Communities. Heres a tip start with using some common sense. If this family was known to the Department you should go there personally and Clean it up. They either Keep children in an abusive environment or Remoe children unnecessarily, Either way it has resulted in The Tragic Death of two Innocent children in Cairns. Im sure you will make up a exuse for them and they can go on there merry way of Bungling up investigations.