Monday 2 July 2012

100 days of LNP disappointment

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk says in just 100 days the LNP government has disappointed Queenslanders by becoming mean and tricky instead of delivering the “humility, dignity and grace” promised by the Premier.

Launching a list of 79 of the LNP government’s disappointments in its first 100 days, Ms Palaszczuk said the Premier and the LNP had failed to keep their word on a string of commitments.

“Most recently we have seen the mean and tricky side of this government with the Premier able to cite 2,529 contracts the government holds with a power company, but then claiming he can’t say how many of his own workers were being sacked,” she said.

“Taxpayers still don’t know if they will have to foot the bill for breaking any of those contracts which may have penalties attached to exit clauses.

“That is a good example of the government’s inexperience, its willingness to risk taxpayer funds through diversion tactics, and its refusal to be upfront and open with Queenslanders.”

Ms Palaszczuk said the document she released gave a brief overview of the LNP’s major broken promises, backflips and bungles which had badly disappointed Queenslanders.  The Premier has launched just the first wave of government job cuts, despite making unequivocal promises to them in the election campaign that their jobs were safe,” she said.

“The LNP’s job cuts will affect frontline services as possibly thousands of support staff are sacked, despite promising to enhance frontline services.  The Premier and the LNP promised higher standards of accountability, yet trash the standards of ministerial behaviour expected of any government in the post-Fitzgerald era."

“It uses taxpayers’ funds on a still politically active politician, Peter Costello, and claims that his audit and its predictable findings is ‘independent’.  Most disturbingly, the LNP in office is more than willing to talk down the Queensland economy just to score cheap political points and cover its own broken promises and its inability to fund its election commitments."

“The LNP in office sees nothing wrong in striking fear into the hearts of elderly, infirm and disadvantaged Queenslanders who live in public housing by threatening to take their homes away or force them to share with strangers."

“The LNP has failed to govern with the ‘humility, grace and dignity’ the Premier promised.  The LNP prefers to gloat, play the blame game, and look after its own. Its first major capital works project — a new office building for the Premier and Ministers — highlights its sense of entitlement,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

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John Babet said...

shame shame shame on you

but in the tradition of the Lords prayer
do forgive your trespasses against me
to forgive self send an apology

self awareness comes from being honest with self
self enlightenment comes from loving self – God - other selves
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