Friday 18 May 2012

Tourist bus rolls on Mowbray River Road, Port Douglas, with multiple injuries

There has been a serious traffic crash involving a passenger bus on the Mowbray River Road, near Port Douglas, around 7pm this evening.

Police at the scene said it is a serious traffic incident where the bus rolled and confirmed there was have said there are multiple injuries.

The bus was enroute to Flames of the Forest, a popular night-time outdoor rainforest restaurant along the Mowbray River.

Between 20-35 passengers were on board.  No injuries are believed to be life-threatening at this stage and are currently being treated at the scene with some being transported to hospital.

The Mowbray River Road is situated about 20 kilometers south of Port Douglas, off the Captain Cook Highway.

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armyboi said...

This road has been an accident waiting to happen. Council neglect in maintaining this road to improve to accommodate the increased tourist flow has now come to a head, and so has the Department of Transports responsibility to manage the serviceability of the coaches and coach drivers state of tiredness. I previously worked for a company that supplied coaches for guests attending 'Flames of the Forrest' and many had already done 10 or 12 hours of driving prior to being tasked with his run. Time for a full investigation of the council and the bus company.