Wednesday 1 August 2012

Voluntary redundancy packages offered to Cairns Council staff

Cairns Regional Council is offering voluntary redundancy packages to employees.

The voluntary redundancy push is intended to assist streamlining Council operations to improve efficiencies to meet financial targets. Council say that this is in response to decreased workloads associated with the ongoing economic downturn in the Cairns region, an odd claim as the approved the fifth successive rate rise in five years.

Redundancies will be implemented on a strictly voluntary basis and employees have been invited to apply.

“Council has a policy of no forced redundancies and this is validated within our new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, accepted last week,” said spokesperson Peter Tabulo, after Lynn Russell left the CEO role soon after the election of the new Council. “We expect just as much interest this time around from employees who see the program as an opportunity to achieve their personal or career goals."

Tabulo says that technology improvements is bringing changes to the working environment and external circumstances such as decreased development activity has meant less workload in some areas of Council.

Only permanent full-time and part-time staff who have been employed at Cairns Regional Council for at least 12 months will be eligible for consideration by August 22nd.

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Luigi said...

The last joke in Cairns, "From strength to strength even the council is going belly up!!!
Come, ye faithful, join Centrelink
Thanks. -Mike