Thursday, 15 July 2010

'Radical weight loss program a success' - Rob Rutten

Local computer nerd and resident ABC Far North guest, Rob Rutten of Rutten Tech, is delighted that his other half, Tania, is 7 kg lighter today.

"Last night at 10:50pm, after a day of hard work, Tania gave birth to a (slightly overcooked) beautiful baby boy," Rob said today.

He says the birth was born 16 days over the expert's best guess.

"The latest addition to the Cairns Rutten/Cobham clan weighed in at 4.4kg and 55cm in length," Rob said. "Both mum and bub are healthy and happy albeit a little sore and tired."

"We are yet to give the little tyke a name, as mum, dad and bub are having a well earned rest and a little get-to-know-you before we bestow a title."

Robert is well-known answering computer questions on ABC Far North radio every fortnight on Thursdays, where he hosts his Radio Geek forum.

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Rob Rutten said...

Hi there Mike - thanks for the story :) Looks like the little fella will be more famous than me ! (not that hard) Cheers, Rob.